ChristWay Baptist Church
Thursday, October 17, 2019

Christian Life

Christian Life Education Ministry

The ministry offers Christian Life Education classes for every age group who attends Church on a Sunday morning. The dedicated teachers further explore the morning’s sermon, and offer the attendees the opportunity to ask follow-up questions in a more relaxed atmosphere. There is a class for every age group from babies to the mature adult. This is an opportunity to fellowship, share your thoughts with fellow Christians, and develop lasting friendships. This takes place following refreshment time after morning worship

Christian Life Institute

This is a teaching ministry that communicates information and knowledge on the method, motive and content of public speaking, how to pray and being a facilitator.

Discipleship Ministry

The Discipleship Ministry nurtures new believers and helps them strive towards spiritual maturity. It aids believers in their understanding of the Faith which in turn enables them to fulfill their responsibilities to the Faith.

Home Bible Study

Home Bible Study is held in numerous residences in and around the area. It unites believers in an intimate setting and provides the opportunity for members and non-members to fellowship away from the Church while studying God’s Word.