ChristWay Baptist Church
Friday, January 17, 2020

Our Story

The Journey


Service at Pines Middle School
It began with the ideas, thoughts, and vision of one man, Reverend Dr. Wesley G. Green, who had a distinct desire to develop a community outreach ministry in the North Dade/South Broward region of South Florida.  Rev. Green realized the need for such a program very early on while serving as the senior pastor at the well established Metropolitan Baptist Church in Miami.  The targeted area had a large number of residents who are from the Caribbean and who, by Dr. Green’s estimation, were underserved in terms of Christian ministry.  He immediately coordinated and began a Bible study group that initially targeted young adults.  The group, which met weekly at the homes of the participants, would later become what is described as the nucleus of Caribbean Baptist Church, as the church was first called.

This core group of worshippers initially chose the name, “Caribbean Baptist Church” (CBC) in order to identify with the demographics of the area.  The Florida Baptist Convention, along with Flamingo Road Baptist Church, readily sponsored the new mission.  Metropolitan Baptist Church later co-sponsored the mission with Flamingo Road Baptist Church. 

Worship at Miramar High School

Caribbean Baptist Church held its first worship service on March 27, 1994, Palm Sunday, at the Pines Middle School in Pembroke Pines.  There were 120 worshippers in attendance and by all accounts, it was a successful launch.  It came as no surprise when by January of 1995, the congregation began searching for a larger space to accommodate its congregation, which had grown to 150 worshippers.  The core group noted the presence of one or more visitors every Sunday.  Soon, the CBC congregation found a home at Miramar High School, in Miramar, where services were held in the school’s auditorium. 

One year later, the mission incorporated its operation as Caribbean Baptist Church.  CBC also became constituted in April 1997.  The church was no longer considered a mission and was fully recognized by the Gulfstream Baptist Association as an independent church.

 Service at Taft Baptist Church

In May 1996, with its numbers still climbing and the effectiveness of its ministries being recognized, CBC responded favorably to an invitation from the Taft Street Baptist Church in Hollywood, FL, to share their facilities.  The congregation continued to impact the South Florida community in large measure and was once again on the move.  After two years of sharing with Taft Street Baptist, CBC moved its Sunday morning services back to Miramar High School.  

During its rapid growth and development, Pastor Green and his congregants never lost sight of its mission to serve the community based on the principles of the Bible.   While the name Caribbean Baptist Church clearly identified with the targeted population, and was effectively serving its purpose, the time had come to expand the concept of the ministry and ensure diversity in the church’s outreach efforts.  In 2002, CBC exercised a democratic process whereby the entire congregation participated in the name change for the church.  With careful evaluation, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, the CBC family finally decided on the name ChristWay Baptist Church.  While the new name quickly resonated with many people, the “Caribbean” effect is still evident.

As the congregation and the reputation of the ministry grew, so did the challenges.   Rev. Green and his congregation had been preparing for the time when it would need to secure its own property.  CBC was now entering a new phase.  God had favor on the ministry and lead Pastor Green and few leaders to an available piece of land, just over 5 acres and located in a subdivision known as Laurelton Park on Douglas Road in the City Miramar.  With much prayer and commitment, CBC acquired the property..  Soon thereafter, construction began.  This was considered Phase I of the physical building and development of ChristWay Baptist Church.  In March 2003, CBC moved into its new Family Life Center, which accommodates approximately 500 people and primarily serves as a sanctuary,  and a place for community meetings, concerts, weddings, church social activities, and other events. 

 Construction of the Family Life Center

With a vibrant and committed membership in excess of 600 individuals, CBC was left with no choice but to embark on phase II of its building and development efforts. Construction of the education wing, which will provide additional rooms to serve the community, began in December 2009.  Completion is expected in the latter part of 2010. 

ChristWay Baptist Church has come this far by faith.  The church has solidified a recognizable Christian brand among similar congregations and has commanded the respect and admiration of churches and pastors, not only locally but throughout the State of Florida.  Nonetheless, CBC recognizes that its ministry in the community has only just begun. The work of God never ends.