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Friday, January 17, 2020

Meet the Pastor

Reverend Dr. Wesley G. Green

Dr. Wesley G. Green with his wife, Jean
In 1992, the vision of one man - Reverend Dr. Wesley Green - was formulated. The vision later resulted in the creation of Caribbean Baptist Church and soon after ChristWay Baptist Church.
Reverend Green was born in St. Mary, Jamaica. He graduated from Jamaica Bible College and then United Theological College of the West Indies and holds a master’s degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He also holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from International Bible Institute and Seminary in Orlando, Florida.
Reverend Green was ordained in Jamaica and began ministering on August 1, 1968. He served for 22 years in St. James, Jamaica. In 1990 he responded to a call to become the Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Miami, Florida. While serving in Miami he received his vision to expand his ministry into the North Dade and South Broward areas of South Florida, in an effort to reach the fast-growing Caribbean community.
Reverend Green shared his vision with many Pastors whom he ministered with on his previous mission trips to the United States, many of whom offered their full support. Later, he became an affiliate of the Calvin Evans Evangelistic Association of Ohio then founded the Bethephil Evangelistic Association where he ministered through mission trips, primarily to Jamaica.
Caribbean Baptist Church (now ChristWay Baptist Church) was officially formed on March 27, 1994 and signaled the beginning of Reverend Green’s vision.
Reverend Doctor Green is married to Jean Green and their union produced three children, all of whom work closely with them in ministry. They also have adopted and raised numerous other children.   

His journey…

  • Member of the Florida Baptist Convention State Board of Missions since 2006-2009.
  • Served in regional leadership as First Vice President of the Florida Baptist Convention and Third Vice President of the Pastor’s Conference, Florida Baptist Convention during 2007
  • Ongoing Moderator and Member of the Administrative team of the Gulf Stream Baptist Convention.
  • Pastor - Metropolitan Baptist Church of Miami (1990-1994)
  • Visiting speaker/Preacher at churches throughout the USA and the Caribbean
  • Pastor of several Baptist Churches in Jamaica (serving through the Jamaica Baptist Union for 22 years)
  • Established a Work-Life Program for Unskilled women in Jamaica through sponsorship from the United States Aid Program.(1970 – present)
  • Chairman of the Ministers Fraternal which in 1988 was responsible for distribution of Hurricane Relief to Jamaica during the destruction of Hurricane Gilbert.
  • Director of Religious Education at Sam Sharpe Teachers College, Jamaica.

His Books...


New!  'Your Journey to Christian Living" - A Guide for Believers

The book provides instructions that readers may find helpful as they seek to learn about God or navigate the journey to Christian living and a life of purpose and joy in Christ. New Christians can thrive and mature spiritually, emotionally, and physically as they endeavor to fulfill the will of God. The book is intended for use in Christian life education programs of multicultural congregations and is appropriate for use in group discussions, in one-on-one meetings with new believers or prospective members of a church, or as a workshop resource.

Available at or or at ChristWay Baptist Church.  
Excerpt From 'An Amazing Journey'…

    God knows what we need before we need it. He starts providing for our needs before he reveals it. This is proven in the fact of the creation of the world. In the book of Genesis we are informed that God made the earth and furnished it. He made the sea with all the fishes and whatever other creatures that is in it. He formed the clouds in various sizes and shapes and filled them with rain cells. Then He made man out of the dust of the earth to have dominion over all living things. This dominion would not come easily. Man is still struggling for power and to enjoy the blessings of life. He lost the capacity to successfully control himself and his fellowman. Only as he turns back to the God he rejected, can he recover himself, and that search is purely a matter of Faith. Faith becomes the process by which we find fellowship with God.
God takes man through the long, winding road, to accomplish His will in man. I believe God’s will that there be a ChristWay Baptist Church (CBC) was long in the making before it was revealed to us. When God called me to the ministry, I accepted the call, but like Abram I could not see all that He had in mind for me. All I heard was “Follow Me.” Now as we look back through the first ten years, we can see what God does with those of us who take the Journey with Him. I wish I could have seen the end, for then I would have followed Him even better in the beginning - “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” I can truly say this was indeed “An Amazing Journey.”
The New Book, 'An Amazing Journey', also Includes the Historical Account of ChristWay Baptist Church: The People and the Man of God on Assignment
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An Amazing Journey Hard Cover

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